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A walk around Milan

Art, Architecture and Interiors
An aesthetic experience, an intimate Tour of Milan
October 2 – 9, 2009

The symbol of Milano is Il Duomo (the cathedral) mainly in Gothic Style with more than 3,000 statues and spires. Construction started in late 1300 and it took more than five centuries to finish, hence the evident mixture of styles. We have a saying in Milan: "Like the making of the Duomo" (come la fabbrica del Duomo) to mean something that takes forever . Worth the wait!

The white marble of Il Duomo came along waterways (artificial canals) created in the 1100 and later (Leonardo da Vinci, while living in Milan, contributed also to design some of them).
Most of the canals were unfortunately covered last century but some remain as a memory of a Milan of the past and a stroll along them will reveal nice little galleries, shops, restaurants.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, a magnificent set for the most elegant stores and coffe shops (in Italian called Bar) goes from Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral square)to Piazza della Scala (La Scala theatre square)

Teatro alla Scala, designed by the Neoclassical architect Piermarini opened officially in 1778. A stunning musical instrument" with exceptional acoustics.

Bar Zucca, a must for an exquisite aperitivo (before lunch or dinner).

Caffe' Trussardi, with a stunning vertical garden

via Montenapoleone with the adjacent streets (called Il quadrilatero) has some of the best stores and patisserie.

A contemporary collection of Design at a concept store

Piero Fornasetti atelier and showroom

The famed Sant Ambroeus (since 1936) which opened also in Manhattan a few years ago. A place where to find the most delicious pastries, spend an afternoon for tea or meet friends for an aperitivo standing at the counter and savoring the hors d'oeuvres.

I will soon post on other places to visit, stay tuned!

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Art, Architecture and Interiors

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